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Change the type of carbohydrates for diet.

change the type of carbohydrates for diet

Change the type of carbohydrates for diet. Carbohydrates are an indispensable source of energy for the body. But taking too much can result in weight gain and fat gain. not only that The type of carbohydrate food is also important. You should switch from refined carbohydrates like white rice or

dangers of meatballs

The hidden dangers of “meatballs” that may harm the body

The hidden dangers of meatballs that may harm the body. Street food, easy to buy, easy to eat, and live on the stomach. There are many things in Thailand, but ” meatballs ” is often a dish that many people do not refuse. Because the price is affordable There are

Apple cider vinegar is considered a traditional herbal remedy

Apple Cider Vinegar And benefit.

Apple Cider Vinegar is cider vinegar made from apples. As we commonly call Apple cider. The nature of this type of vinegar has a yellow, tea-like color. Sour taste Have high acidity. It also contains potassium, vitamins, amino acids and various nutrients. That are all beneficial to the body In addition, this


How to prepare food in winter to make warm and healthy

The winter comes fully. Who wouldn’t be cold Which besides the cold weather Some people still have the flu Get sick easily too. Today we bring you food that you should eat in winter. These foods will help keep the body warm. Plus does not make obesity good for people who lose weight , but



Healthy desserts from bananas Delicious, easy and not fat Because bananas are a fruit that has a lot of fiber and dietary residue. If bringing bananas to make snacks Not only helps us disappear Only from snacks But also help the digestive system And our excretory system is even better Without the weight

Egg is good and Low in calories

Egg is good for diet ! how many eggs should you eat per day?

Egg is good for diet!. The reason why eggs are one of the healthy food for diet plan.It contains protein, good fats, and carbohydrates, and the calories are only about 300 calories. Eggs also contain vitamins that help increase calcium absorption. That will help keep bones


Chocolate with Health Effects

Chocolate is a food, snack and drink made from cocoa. Which is the fruit of a bitter plant. Chocolate production made by crushing the cocoa in a blender until it becomes a powder. The mixed of cocoa powder with various raw materials to add flavor and aroma.  Especially


3 Types of fish for good diet

What are the healthy diet benefits of fish? Fish is for good healthy diet !!! In addition, fish also contain cholesterol and less saturated fat than meat as well. Especially beef, etc. Including omega-3 fatty acids help reduce brain degeneration. Which may also occur when we get

Hot tea in the morning

Foods you should never eat during an empty stomach

After waking up in the morning with empty stomach. Many people tend to find something easy to eat, such as fruit, warm drinks. But did you know that Certain foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Or after waking up in the morning.  Because it may adversely