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Take Care of Mental Health

How does mental health affect physical health? Stress and anxiety are the body’s natural mechanisms of response when faced with a stimulating or compressive situation. The temporary stress may not have much impact on mental health. But if the stress accumulates in the long term. Like anxiety over


Sunburn and How to heal The skin to be healthy

Techniques for self treatment of sunburn Sunburn occurs when the skin is overexposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A sunburn rash that peels is your body’s natural way of healing itself by shedding damaged skin . Apply the skin with aloe vera.The jelly meat was


How to solve the problem of lack of sleeping?

People with lack of sleeping problems , not getting enough rest or difficulty sleeping may be affected seriously in daily life. Lack of sleeping problems can be solved in the following way. Go to bed on time People with low sleep problems should go to bed on time. By practicing

Egg is good and Low in calories

Egg is good for diet ! how many eggs should you eat per day?

Egg is good for diet!. The reason why eggs are one of the healthy food for diet plan.It contains protein, good fats, and carbohydrates, and the calories are only about 300 calories. Eggs also contain vitamins that help increase calcium absorption. That will help keep bones


Chocolate with Health Effects

Chocolate is a food, snack and drink made from cocoa. Which is the fruit of a bitter plant. Chocolate production made by crushing the cocoa in a blender until it becomes a powder. The mixed of cocoa powder with various raw materials to add flavor and aroma.  Especially

Diet pills

Diet pills and 10 things you should know about it.

Many girls choose shor ways to lose weight. By choosing to use diet pills . Its such a bad solution and there are also many drugs to reduce obesity. In addition to being obese. Will also receive many complications. For girls who having a good lifestyle is very importantfor

Drinking hot tea in the morning

Tips for drinking tea and what time is most useful?

For those who like to drink tea may want to know. If you suggest to drink the tea immediately after brewing it hot immediately.  For people who like to sip tea instead of water or people with gastroenteritis should turn to sip a soft tea better than not


3 Types of fish for good diet

What are the healthy diet benefits of fish? Fish is for good healthy diet !!! In addition, fish also contain cholesterol and less saturated fat than meat as well. Especially beef, etc. Including omega-3 fatty acids help reduce brain degeneration. Which may also occur when we get