Reasons why tomato is a good choice for weight loss.

There are sayings that “when a ripe tomato turns red. The doctor’s face often turns blue”. And “Eat one tomato a day will keep you away from going to the doctor”. It made people healthy until the doctor had to suffer. Because there were no patients to treat. In addition to the many health benefits. The Japanese also use tomatoes as a weight loss aid. See how tomatoes help you lose weight. And let’s see how it can be eaten to help lose weight in Japan.

  1. Tomatoes are low-calorie vegetables.

One 150-gram tomato provides only 30 kilocalories of energy, and chewing tomatoes also helps to feel full quickly. This results in a reduction in energy intake from starches and other foods into the body UFABET 

  1. There are nutrients that help enhance the burning of fat in the body.

A study by a team of researchers from Kyoto University found that Tomatoes contain substances 13-Oxo-9,11-Octadecadienoic acid (13-Oxo-ODA), which is a substance that helps maintain abnormal fat metabolism in rats. In addition, from research in humans, it was found that Regular consumption of tomato juice lowers triglyceride levels in the blood and increases energy expenditure in the body. which is expected to have a good effect in weight loss

  1. rich in potassium

Tomatoes are potassium-rich vegetables that help flush out water from the body and reduce edema in the body. Body edema is another factor that causes weight. Eating fresh tomatoes is a good way to get the most potassium out of your body.