Chocolate with Health Effects

Chocolate is a food, snack and drink made from cocoa. Which is the fruit of a bitter plant. Chocolate production made by crushing the cocoa in a blender until it becomes a powder. The mixed of cocoa powder with various raw materials to add flavor and aroma. 

Especially sweet taste to add more appetizing by producing chocolate in a variety of ways, such as as part of food, snacks, beverages, or even flavoring, perfumes and cosmetics.

Scientists from Syracuse University  in New York conducted a research study on a sample of 968 people aged 23-98, feeding them the same diet.

Data shows that direct impact on the performance of our knowledge. if consumed regularly It can help with memory, also helping to develop our abstract thinking.

Types and types of chocolate

  1. White Chocolate  does not contain liquid cocoa. But using cocoa butter instead of adding sugar, fresh milk and with vanilla scent.
  2. Milk Chocolate contains both cocoa butter. Non-skimmed milk
  3. Sweet or sweet, semi-sweet liquid chocolate. Sweetness and cocoa butter are added to it.
  4. Dark chocolate  contains sugar. Cocoa butter or cocoa bean fat Juice that is squeezed from ground cocoa beans.contains up to 75% of liquid cocoa with very little sweetness. it is pure liquid chocolate without any added sweetness, giving the full the bitter and tart taste of the chocolate. It is often used as a main ingredient in baking.

How good is for healthy?

  1. The phenolic compounds are beneficial for heart health. To improve blood circulation. And helps prevent clots of blood clots
  2. Improves the function of the epithelium.
  3. Nutritious Including carbohydrates, fats, vitamins ADK and iron
  4. The caffeine helps to feel rejuvenate.
  5. Stimulate the brain to release endorphins to help improve mood not frustrated and able to reduce stress.
Mental processes

The various antioxidants in chocolate involve in neurological and cardiovascular function. It is therefore hypothesize that chocolate can affect the nervous system. So one trial conducte in which 101 people consumed dark chocolate and cocoa products for 6 weeks.