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Sleep too much, but wake up sleepy?

Sleep is good for your health. But if you sleep more than 8 hours. But when you wake up feeling sleepy, not refreshed like a person who has been rested. This is a risk of sleep deprivation. (Hypersomnia) is a condition in which there is

How much “Ginger herbs” can resist “COVID-19”?

From the spread of COVID-19. As a result many countries have research Ginger herbs. That are likely to be effective in antiviral and treating COVID-19. So ginger is being studied further. Due to past research studies at the test tube level. Found that the important substances in Ginger

How to take care of colon health.

To prevent various diseases that will occur with the colon. We should take care of our own colon health as follows.          1. Eat a complete diet of the 5 food groups, especially foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, because

Top 10 fruits and vegetables to help detoxify.

Top 10 fruits and vegetables to help detoxify. How much are you at risk of toxic substances in your daily life? Toxic fumes from cars Food preservatives, food coloring, are obtained both consciously and unconsciously. Normally, the human body has a mechanism for eliminating waste. Easily angered, irritable,

Why not try “silence” to relax?

From the latest research. It was found that taking time to be silence can help calm your nerves. And enhance energy It also helps to surprisingly adjust the mind to respond to the hectic environment.  When you look around. You might even see your co-workers chattering up. The sound of

What is body fat percentage?

 What is body fat percentage?The human body has a proportion of fat in the muscles, tissues and organs. That serve as a source of energy and to warm the body. which we can measure the amount of fat accumulated in the body. By measuring Body fat percentage.

6 ways to spend your free time on vacation.

A normal person would probably spend their free time playing games, reading books or watching movies to relieve stress. But many successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, and Jeff Bezos, have a different way of spending free time their holidays. Get enough


Let’s check it out! 5 Signs That We’re Overworked

Let’s check it out! 5 Signs That We’re Overworked. Work is another very important thing in life because work is money, money is work, and we want to use that money to live and make ourselves happy.  Including using it to take care of the family Many

Exercising and eating like this definitely works!

Exercising and eating like this definitely works! Organize an exercise schedule Split into cardio days alternating with weight training. And don’t forget to find rest days to allow your body to recover and repair muscles. Do not overdo it. who is new It is recommended to exercise lightly every day