Sleep too much, but wake up sleepy?

Sleep is good for your health. But if you sleep more than 8 hours. But when you wake up feeling sleepy, not refreshed like a person who has been rested. This is a risk of sleep deprivation. (Hypersomnia) is a condition in which there is an increased need , difficulty waking up, and not wanting to get out of bed. And having a nap during the day. This disease will result in various diseases. and lose personality However, too much until causing the disease too much, not caused by lazy behavior. But caused by physical and mental disorders should see a doctor for a diagnosis and received treatment.

What is the cause of sleep deprivation?

Not getting enough sleep for a long time UFABET

Incorrect time adjustment

Taking certain medications, such as antihistamines or muscle relaxants

hormone secretion in the body and abnormal secretion of substances in the brain

Brain disorders, such as secondary diseases or brain accidents

Sleep disturbances, such as apnea or snoring

Symptoms of oversleeping.

difficult to wake up

feeling sleepy all the time

Easily irritable throughout the day

Poor memory there is a problem with thinking.

Anxiety or psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder

There are frequent naps or sleepless nights during the day.

Able to fall asleep unconsciously during the period. When it is not supposed to be asleep. Dangerous accidents may occur.