Exercising and eating like this definitely works!

Exercising and eating like this definitely works! Organize an exercise schedule Split into cardio days alternating with weight training. And don’t forget to find rest days to allow your body to recover and repair muscles. Do not overdo it. who is new It is recommended to exercise lightly every day for no more than 30 minutes – 1 hour, then gradually increase the intensity level. 

*Increased concentration recommend to observe yourself If you don’t feel tired of doing the same exercise. Increase the time, increase the distance, increase the speed. add dumbbell weight or change new exercises will use more muscles

Before exercising, don’t forget to warm up to get your muscles and body ready. And when you’re done exercising, don’t stop immediately. Cool down to relax your muscles and normalize your heart rate. It will help reduce injuries from exercise.

Before exercising, it is recommended to eat 1-2 hours before the exercise.

so that the body does not want to eat too much after exercise. Pre-workout foods include bananas, sweet potatoes, oats, black coffee, salmon, eggs, energy bars, applesauce, and peanut butter.

During exercise, it is recommended to drink water all the time. to prevent dehydration from sweating which can cause fainting Should sip water every 10-15 minutes, 1-2 times per gulp Do not be bathed stopper. 

After exercise, you need to eat food to replace lost energy. and maintain the metabolism to function normally Post-workout foods include whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, chicken breast, almonds, and sweet potatoes. For dinner, high-protein, low-fat foods like fish, or green leafy vegetables are recommended for added vitamins.  

eat enough food and choose to eat only useful things Reduce rice – refined flour Reduction of fries and desserts, highlighting its protein, low-fat milk, black coffee, rice, wholegrain bread and greens, but not so serious as snaps. Maybe arrange a cheat day in the middle of the week. You can eat your favorite things as a reward for yourself. 

For those who exercise and do not see results Or the more you exercise, the fatter you become. Don’t be discouraged until you get discouraged. Just adjust it little by little. And do it consistently.