Love problem: what should I do?

Love problem: what should I do? When people who love us are unfaithful. Problems in love and relationships. Nothing is as messy as cheating again. Stealthy behaviors counteract actions that appear to only be loved by us, such as having a strange number calling, but not daring to answer in person Sometimes he picked up and walked out to talk without being comfortable to tell us about it. When he asked again, he became upset. You can guess that this kind of thing is sure to have a third party. In which no one would want to happen to himself But if it does happen, what should I do? So let’s take a look.

Love problem: what should I do

Concentrate, do not fret.

When your intuition is suspicious of something, keep your senses first. Don’t let your anger Jealous emotions dominate the mind. By going out loud Otherwise, we will become at fault, but keep finding evidence and arresting the suspicions. Because perhaps that matter, we may have misunderstood ourselves.

Hold a conversation (evidence must be ready)

When the information is complete or the evidence is tied until the defendant does not lose it. Called to catch each other’s knees and talk to each other to know about Even though it’s hard to hold back a bit and want to leave a handprint on his face a bit But asked to be patient Ask the reason why you do that. If it is the reason that we can listen to it, continue to look at number 3, but if you cannot hear it, skip to step 5.


If we hear the accused’s reasons, we can accept it and we still love him. There could be nothing better than forgiveness. But we have to give him an ultimatum to stop messing with the third party and make a firm promise that he won’t do it again. But if he can’t do it, skip to point 5.

Look at my own disadvantages and improve.

When forgiving and can talk to each other. Returning to a good relationship as before. Then try to turn to look at the disadvantages of ourselves that we still lack something Where should I improve and do it better? Because in the past, we may not act well enough or not.

Walked out and pampered and loved myself.

When being unfaithful, decide to walk away stately. Do not stand with selfish people. Not caught up in suffering Turned back to love ourselves Take care of yourself more Change yourself for the good and always remind yourself that Good things that we do not do to make them regret. But do it for ourselves It is done in order to be prepared to accept good people into your life.