Fear of love (Philophobia) that makes you ‘single’

Fear of love (Philophobia) that makes you ‘single’ Are you trying to escape love or don’t want to get close to feeling special to someone? Or when you feel good I feel special to someone. You are often afraid to open up to love. Because of some reason This is a symptom of someone who is afraid of being in love, known as ” love phobia” and this may be the reason why you are still single. Let’s get to know the symptoms. And the cause of the fear of love  and ways to treat each other.


Philophobia is a type of psychiatric disease. But it’s not so serious that it is a danger to the people around you. But if this continues, it may become introverted. Do not dare to meet in front of people Try to escape from society, live in a narrow world where only your colorless yourself can end up being stressful and depressing, leading to depression .

If you have a fear of love Should accept that I have a fear of love. Not strong Then adjust the way of thinking and change the point of view Known to be flexible And deal with disappointment, dare to speak to convey problems with someone Do not assume that love will always be just as bad as it gets. Or have always listened to try to open up and step into love and happiness little by little.

If anyone is feeling that they are very afraid of love, they should consult a psychiatrist. Do not be shy Because it is a treatment method And it is not always necessary that Going to see a ufabet psychiatrist means that you are a psychopath.

Fear of love (Philophobia) is classified as a specific type of fear.

Causes of Philophobia

1. A negative event that has been deeply ingrained since childhood.

2. Culture or religion that is taboo about love. Culture or customs of some places.

3. Failure in love repeatedly. What love must hurt Or stop goodbye all the time

4. Feeling depressed Low self esteem

Symptoms of the philophobia

1. There is always concern when starting a relationship with someone as a lover. Or when I start to feel shaken with someone

2. Often stop feeling yourself, restrain yourself from going too deep to take love too much.

3. Often avoid places that people with that couple like to go to

4. It seems to like being alone. But actually it is to protect yourself from meeting people who make us feel shaken.

5. Not open-minded, does not allow anyone to make love.

6. Often assess the feelings of those close to you, how sincere or loving yourself is. And then decide to return the feelings on an equal scale

7. When faced with a sweet situation Or get pushed Physical symptoms may include sweating, crying, palpitations, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, numbness in your hands and feet, heavy vomiting, and even fainting.