How to solve the problem of lack of sleeping?

People with lack of sleeping problems , not getting enough rest or difficulty sleeping may be affected seriously in daily life.

Lack of sleeping problems can be solved in the following way.

Go to bed on time People with low sleep problems should go to bed on time. By practicing enough sleep Set how long you will fall asleep and do so regularly. Going to bed on time will help adjust your brain and your body’s clock. Most of the time, adults sleep for 6-9 hours.

Avoiding food and risky behaviors Foods and beverages containing caffeine, alcohol, nicotine should be avoided, as well as behaviors that cause insomnia or difficulty falling asleep, for example, should not exercise vigorously a few hours before bedtime. Avoiding these foods and risky behaviors will help you sleep better.

Write a journal A person who sleeps less might try writing a journal about their own sleep.

 As it helps you see daily lifestyle habits and activities that help you sleep, the log is also helpful in helping diagnose sleep problems. For those who are stressed or worried that they cannot sleep, write a list of things to do the next day. To help relax and not feel stressed

Relax before bed Before going to bed.

relax your body and mind, such as taking a warm bath to adjust your body temperature accordingly. Doing stretching exercises, such as stretching or yoga. Or read a book or listen to music to avoid getting distracted before going to bed.

Make a good bedroom The bedroom should have a relaxed atmosphere. 

Do not bring anything that interferes with your rest, such as a television, computer, or other electronic device that produces light, color, sound, or uncomfortable bedding and bedding in the bedroom. The bedroom environment should use cool colors. It gives a feeling of calm and order and the temperature is between 18-24 degrees Celsius.

Practicing hygienic sleep This will help you fall asleep more effectively. By practicing good sleep habits, such as avoiding watching television or using electronic devices before going to bed. You shouldn’t go to bed when you’re feeling anxious or stressed about certain things or exercising regularly.

Multiple therapies.

People  who suffer from sleep-related problems are also subject to a combination of other therapies. Behavioral therapy is a very successful treatment for insomnia. Which will use methods to control various stimuli, such as practicing the use of bed for resting only In addition, sleep restriction therapy (Sleep Restriction) is available, which can help people who have trouble sleeping in bed or sleep for too long.

Consult a doctor who has a medical condition that makes it difficult to sleep or insomnia for a long time that affects the quality of life. Should see a doctor to discuss such problems. To diagnose the cause and receive further treatment

Be upset or do not work well. Lack of sleeping on a regular basis poses a risk of illness and health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.People who sleep less often feel tired and drowsy all day. Able to fall asleep within 5 minutes when lying down Or may suffer from flashes or sleep in a short time (Microsleep). The low sleep conditions may affect the daily life. The ability to do things will be reduced, such as driving or controlling the functions of individual organs to be difficult to coordinate It is easier to get drunk with alcohol than a person who sleeps adequately. Does not get sleepy after consuming caffeine or other energy drinks and is prone to accidents .