What are the foods that should be eaten after recovering from COVID-19?

Distributed a list of foods to eat after recovering from COVID-19 that help restore the body. And nourishing health to be stronger along with other ways to take care of yourself 

          After the body has recovered, you will feel some exhaustion. This means that the body needs energy from food to nourish, restore and repair damaged parts. Which foods should be eaten for people who want to restore their bodies are as follows

1. Protein foods

          After recovering, you should focus on eating a lot of protein to help increase energy for the body. And protein also helps build strong muscles. Fill in what is lacking during the illness and rarely use the muscles. They may choose to eat high-protein foods such as chicken breast, meat, eggs, fish, peanut butter, nuts, etc. UFABET

2. plain water

          Water is an essential part of the body. Especially for people who have recovered who feel not refreshed, tired, dry mouth, dry saliva, should drink enough water to meet the needs of the body. Because water will help you feel more energetic easily and also help different systems in the body work better.

3. Probiotics

          food with healthy microbes Or probiotic (Probiotic) such as yogurt, sour milk, helps strengthen the body’s immunity. The Department of Health therefore recommends patients to try Long Covid , which is someone who has some abnormal symptoms of the body after recovering from COVID-19. Eat foods with probiotics. Together with foods that are high in fiber such as cereals, legumes, bananas, etc., but should choose yogurt or yoghurt that does not add sugar or has little sugar.

4. Milk and dairy products

          Whether it’s milk, yogurt, cheese or various dairy products, if eaten, it will help the body get a variety of important nutrients such as protein, calcium, fat, and vitamins, especially for those who rarely eat. Drinking a box of milk can fill the main nutrients for the body.