Heat stroke.

Many people are starting to get more familiar with the term heat stroke, right? Or symptoms of fainting from extreme heat.The body can’t cool down. body temperature rises Plus symptoms of dehydration that will help nourish the body. and helps reduce body temperature to normal. This Heat stroke is also because we lose a lot of water from our body through sweat. And not drinking water into the body to replace the lost sweat. It may be the cause of shock from dehydration as well.

 Tired of the sun

Heat exhaustion has symptoms similar to heatstroke. But may not have reached the stage of seizures. or fainting in front of your eyes like that But in any case, the symptoms of heat exhaustion are not as dangerous as heatstroke. because of heat exhaustion It can be from headaches, dizziness, dizziness, fainting, exhaustion, exhaustion, nausea, even if you haven’t lost consciousness. But the lack of consciousness to some There may be dangers during work. Or can do activities in daily life, such as heat exhaustion while working with machinery or exhaustion during driving. Isn’t it scary? UFABET

Sun cramps

who is a runner or like jogging Whether running in the morning, noon or evening, during the summer, the weather is very hot like this. There may be some need to run in the sun. Therefore, you may be at risk for symptoms of “sun cramps”. Which have the same symptoms as ordinary cramps. Muscle twitching, tightness and pain. The most common cramps are in the legs, arms and back. If you experience cramps in the sun, stop running, stay still, and drink water or juice slowly. to reduce body temperature and compensate for lost water and mineral salts If the cramps do not improve within 30 minutes – 2 hours. You should stop running for 1-2 days.