How to take care of colon health.

To prevent various diseases that will occur with the colon. We should take care of our own colon health as follows.         

1. Eat a complete diet of the 5 food groups, especially foods that are high in fiber, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Help the digestive and excretory system good.

          2. Eat yogurt and curd. to increase the good bacteria in the intestines

          3. Avoid charred meat from grilling, frying, smoking, as it contains carcinogenic nitrosamines. which increases the risk of colon cancer including reducing high-fat diet too spicy food.

          4. Chew food thoroughly UFABET before swallowing. to reduce the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

          5. Regular exercise can stimulate bowel movements. Help the intestines work more efficiently.

How to take care of colon health.

          6. Get enough sleep. Because too little sleep will result in decreased intestinal microflora. 

          7. Try to reduce stress by looking for activities that are relaxing. Because stress will cause the colon to contract abnormally. and can cause irritable bowel syndrome.

          8. Refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages. Because the chemicals and toxins that are absorbed into the body and pass to the intestines. and causing cancer cells

          9. Should excrete during 5.00-07.00 hrs., which is the working time of the colon. This makes the waste and food waste to be driven as best as possible. Or if you normally used to defecate at any time, try to excrete at the same time every day. But if there is a problem with excretion It is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of warm or room temperature water immediately after waking up. It stimulates the intestines to work and excrete easily.         

10. Should have an annual health check Especially people over 50 or people who have a history or family members with colon cancer. or had a polyp in the colon before including people with chronic inflammatory bowel disease and people who smoke people who drink alcohol regularly