6 ways to spend your free time on vacation.

A normal person would probably spend their free time playing games, reading books or watching movies to relieve stress. But many successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey, and Jeff Bezos, have a different way of spending free time their holidays.

Get enough sleep for more than 7 hours.

Getting enough sleep is important to a person’s body. If you don’t get enough sleep each day It will affect the performance. Many successful businessmen, including Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos, spend an average of 7 hours and 29 minutes getting adequate sleep each day.

But sometimes with the daily tasks that we have to do, we can’t sleep for 7 hours a day. like some successful businessmen. During the holidays, we should take time to fully relax. if there is nothing to do Able to sleep 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday to compensate for too little sleep on weekdays. It help you healthy.

Being with loved ones, family members

Some family lovers may feel that on weekdays they do not spend time with their loved ones. or family members worthwhile Saturday-Sunday time is like a time to recharge. and spend time with true lovers

Mark Cuban once said of his vacation life: He spends his Saturday morning exercising with his wife. After that, he will try to spend the rest of the day with his family.

But the problem of many salarymen is Can’t cut out all the work. Even if it’s Saturday and Sunday Especially during backlogs, the simple solution is if you really need to work. The work should be completed by Saturday morning. The workload will not be binding. until all the time spent on vacation

Get ready, get ready for the next week.

Many successful business people spend a lot of time preparing for the next week. It might take as little as 10 minutes on a Sunday to see how busy the next week is. What appointments are there to do? including taking short notes about what to prepare When Monday comes, we will be ready to start doing something new right away.

Like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took Sunday to Prepare, review feedback, and tactics for the coming weeks.

spend time doing what you like and happy with it

Even if it seems like a successful businessman will spend the weekend preparing for the next week. but in fact These business people also spend their holidays on vacation. And do the things you love too, like having a casual breakfast. You don’t have to rush to finish your meal like a normal day. Sit on your favorite sofa to read a book, meditate or exercise.

Virgin business owner Richard Branson  spends his Saturday evening partying with acquaintances. On Sundays, he spends his time doing exercise-related activities such as boat races, cliff jumping and surfing.

The Bill Gates has a hobby like doing on holiday. is a game of bridge Even though it looks like an ancient game But he also likes to play, including watching his children play equestrian sports. It’s also something Bill Gates likes to do on vacation.

Housework. Gradually share. Do it.

Housework is a job that many people shake their heads because it’s a boring activity. and wasted the most But the best way is to set aside some time each day to do some housework. Don’t let a lot of housework go first and then do it. Because it takes a long time to complete the job. Whether it’s buying groceries, doing laundry, or even cleaning.

Try changing your habits. Set aside 15 minutes before bedtime each day. to do small housework less to finish first and then saturday Spend more time dealing with time-consuming chores. can’t be completed in a short amount of time

Take a break or spend time with yourself.

Taking time to reflect on the situation in the past week. It is good for mental and physical health. And it will make it easier for you to work towards your goals. Successful individuals like to spend their holidays meditating. and reviewing things that have been encountered, such as what is important to life How to prioritize What is disrupting work? So how to avoid the distraction? or what work we still can’t do well And what new skills do we need to develop to work better?

A Harvard University study found that people who spend just 15 minutes a day reviewing what they know each day They were 23% more productive at work than those who didn’t. It was also found that reviewing what they learned each day contributed to a happier life. More efficient at work and help reduce the risk of Burn Out or burn out. according to report by ufabet