Health for working age

Health for working age. Working age is the age when everything seems rushed. Whether it’s about food, travel, as well as living in various aspects. It must be accelerated. Of course, being too rushed to live life often leads to health problems. because he didn’t eat properly. And did not exercise as it should today, GL brings 5 ​​health care methods for office workers. where life is hustle and bustle


1. Eat a full meal. (Breakfast is very important)

With the rush, many office workers may not have enough time to eat breakfast, although working people generally have energy needs of 1,800 – 2,000 kcal, but if they do not eat breakfast, they will go heavy at the meal. lunch and dinner instead This may cause a lot of excess energy. and eventually obesity

2. Formula 2 1 1 Eat lunch without fat.

The principle of healthy eating is to reduce sweet, oily, salty, coupled with a simple healthy diet called 2 1 1 by dividing the plate or eating half of the plate with vegetables and meat. Animals, rice and flour, one in four each. Also, switching from fried eggs or omelets to hard-boiled eggs. Or choose the meat menu without the skin. It’s even better for your health.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Because water is important to our bodies. Each day we should drink enough water. Drinking water will help reduce stress. and promote memory and brain function On the other hand, if we don’t drink enough water, it will stimulate the brain to produce. the hormone cortisol to cause more stress

4. If you know you have to shoot for a long time, you need to find something to support your stomach.

If on any day you know that you have to work for a long time Stay in the meeting until it’s time to eat. Then prepare a little food or snacks. Because letting yourself be very hungry will make us eat more than usual. The portions you choose to snack on must be healthy ones, such as cereal drinks. Lightly sweetened fruits, milk, dairy products, nut milks.

5. Take a break and relax. some body movement

No matter how hard the job You should set a time for yourself to relax your body. Just get up and stretch every hour. Some moves that hold only 10-15 seconds can help relieve pain and be far away from the office syndrome. If your eyes are tired or unwell, get up and look out the window. I’m sure it will help.