Let’s check it out! 5 Signs That We’re Overworked

Let’s check it out! 5 Signs That We’re Overworked. Work is another very important thing in life because work is money, money is work, and we want to use that money to live and make ourselves happy.  Including using it to take care of the family Many people are especially focused on it. I want the work to come out well for good returns and stability in work.

However, there are other matters besides work that are important to our lives as well. So you have to balance it well. Because if the housework is too much, it may affect us. So let’s check it out. Are we too crazy? And if someone has this symptom, they may be considered a workaholic.

Let’s check it out! 5 Signs That We’re Overworked

Work hard - work hard

1. I can’t sleep. I keep thinking about work.

Even if you work hard until you are tired and weak But when I got home, I still couldn’t cut my work out of my mind. I sit and think about work until I can’t sleep. Finally there was stress. not enough rest Therefore, we should let go of some work. Divide the rest time and work time completely. At the time of the full dedication work is a good thing. But best of all, when it’s time to rest, it’s time to rest.

2. Often forgetful, blurry brain

Keep thinking about work until forgetting about the story around you. It makes people forget about things that are close to them often, such as forgetting house keys or car keys. This may be a signal from the brain that indicates that it is exhausted. because they are obsessed with work until he doesn’t care about other things in life Try to find a way to release stress. By allocating time to do other activities To relieve stress is good too.

3. Neck, back, shoulder, shoulder pain, migraines ask for

If you start to have pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and shoulders as in typical office syndrome Or eye pain from staring at a computer screen too much until a migraine. These are the signs that you are working so hard that your body is signaling that you need to rest. before other deadly diseases come.

4. Irritable, easily angered.

Hot-headed, fuss-free, angry. Anyone who says something that doesn’t get in their ears has a tantrum. It may be about working too much that causes pressure and stress. Try to turn around and take care of your body and mind. including taking care of relationships with people around them Because the work that is being done is negatively affecting our own health. Including the relationship with the people around us as well.

5. Not eating at a time

Even though I didn’t intend to lose weight for Cheba’s figure. But working so busy that he forgets the time and forgets to find rice and fish to eat Some people forget to eat all day and when it’s late at night, they’re hungry and can’t stop eating. As a result, the body has various diseases, including obesity, gastritis, acid reflux disease. Including the symptoms of fainting without strength because the body lacks nutrients for a long time.

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