Tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Ready to wake up refreshed

 Tips for getting a good night’s sleep. Ready to wake up refreshed.People often say goodnight, goodnight, or new generation writing, G-Night or Gnite to sleep. So that the sleep of the people we bless is a very special and important sleep. Good and quality With true deep sleep, hours may not always be the judge of sleep quality. But how to sleep? Called quality sleep That is, getting a good night’s sleep all night long.

good night's sleep.

Usually, most of the time, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or not sleeping well. And even falling asleep and then startle waking up in the middle of the night Often caused by stress accumulated without knowing. Or have inner anxiety Who can’t shake things off before going to bed Making us unable to sleep soundly through the night

This poor sleep will have many physical and mental effects, whether you wake up feeling refreshed, tired, fresh, or even cerebrovascular disease during the day. And affect the health and immunity of the body affected by the effects of insufficient rest. Which is the secret to make you sleep.

 We have a few simple tips to leave each other with 10 tips to sleep soundly all night.

1 . Regular exercise should be daily. Or 3 times a week each time for about 30 minutes, but more importantly We do not exercise before going to bed .
2. Avoid naps in the afternoon or evening. Because it will make it difficult to sleep at night And the brain learns wrongly That the body has been asleep and rested Or if you want to take a nap To sit and take a nap But not in you before and no later than 30 minutes
3 . Avoid drinks with caffeine , such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and include alcohol, Hall and cigarettes
4. eat supper and should not be. Drink a lot of water in the evening. Normally the body does not secrete gastric juice at night anyway and Drinking too much water It may cause frequent waking up to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

5. Do not engage in activities that stimulate the mind before bedtime.

Especially playing mobile devices 30 minutes before going to bed because mobile devices, smartphones, notebooks can cause difficulty falling asleep because of the blue light from the screen. Causing the body to secrete melatonin Makes it harder to fall asleep Or sleep without deep quality.
6. Try to arrange time and environment for rest. To relax, to clear the brain before going to bed, adjust the bedroom accordingly. Temperature, light, comfort.
7. Stop thinking about stress. Uncomfortable before bed By having to write down the concerns on paper How do we manage to fix it or not? Write clearly Because writing clearly will clear the brain The mind will be more comfortable and know how to let go and go to bed.
8. Should not be worried. Or stressed if you can’t sleepIf you go to bed for 30-45 minutes and still do not fall asleep, find a relaxing activity until you feel sleepy and then go back to bed again.
9. Should wake up on time every day, no matter what time you go to bed. Which should not wake up after 8 o’clock in the morning because our body is related to the sunrise. And always fall

10. Should find a drink that is herbal from nature. That has properties that help quality sleep The brain is relaxed and the brain is better rested like chamomile and lingzhi. Extracted accurately and safely without residue