What are the pros and cons of plant-based proteins?

What are the pros and cons of plant-based proteins? More and more people who are becoming  health- conscious are becoming more interested in plant-based foods than meat, and plant protein is an increasingly popular choice. But eating only plant protein, like a vegetarian or vegan, will have some positive or negative effects on the body? And how is it different from eating animal protein?

pros and cons of plant-based proteins

Pros of plant protein

According to the World Cancer Research Fund is the consumption of meat reduces the risk of developing cancer, prostate cancer by 35%, while the vegetarian and vegan strictly. Helps to strengthen health . And reduce the risk of many diseases such as diabetes , high blood pressure and heart disease, so eating protein from plants can help reduce the risk of various diseases.

Plant protein found in nuts and grains Rich in nutritional value, it is a clean protein that does not cause disease. Because it contains beneficial and healthy phytochemicals Moreover, plant proteins are easily digestible and easily absorbed. Fewer calories than animal protein Good fats are greater than animal protein. No cholesterol More importantly, it can also help reduce the chance of colon cancer as well.

Disadvantages of plant protein

Protein that comes with plants Most of them do not come with the body’s most essential amino acids as meat. Only soy is considered the richest protein and most abundant of the amino acids the body needs of all protein-rich plants. In addition, eating plants containing protein to the same amount of protein from meat. Need to eat enough plant protein. To replace the protein required to receive each day.

However, plant protein does not have any negative or harmful effects on your body, just make sure you get adequate plant protein each day. Because data from the Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University indicates that people who receive insufficient protein in the body. There is a risk of developing symptoms. Muscle weakness The body is exhausted, not refreshed. Low immunity Easily infected, slow wound healing, weak skin. And hormone systems, enzymes, malfunctions and death risk when a long-term lack of adequate protein.