Tips for drinking tea and what time is most useful?

For those who like to drink tea may want to know. If you suggest to drink the tea immediately after brewing it hot immediately. 

For people who like to sip tea instead of water or people with gastroenteritis should turn to sip a soft tea better than not sipping old tea. Because it will make the secretion of more acids. Causing irritation inside the stomach.

As for the general , it is recommended to drink strong tea. 2-3 hours after eating food to stimulate the secretion of gastric.  make digestion of various vitamins food better, drinking tea with different concentrations. Will stimulate the secretion of more and less acid differently. This will not cause more severe stomach disease than ever before. And will help to better absorb nutrients.

Who want Detox the body Another way to help is Sip on lightly brewed green tea throughout the day, small sips, and if you drink all the same, you won’t be able to help detoxification. And become rapidly excreted in urine instead.

Although there is no indication of the best time to drink. But drinking to suit the behavior and time that each person is convenient. Will make each cup of tea more nutrients, good for health and good for your heart ^^

than 2 hours or the color of the tea will darken. And has an astringent taste Because drinking hot brew will make the body benefit from the nutrients in tea more. Since tea is high in tannin (tannin), if you drink it when it tastes, it affects your stomach and intestines. Which makes the absorption of nutrients ineffective Especially iron absorption Calcium and magnesium

Drinking tea also contains important substances such as Catechin.

which is a substance that helps trap free radicals. And Theanine, an amino acid that works in relation to the nerve If drinking it will make you feel relaxed. Calmer and clearer brain If not drinking after the brew is finished Let the tea cool. Will make the body absorb less nutrients.

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However, we usually hear people suggest taking the good stuff in the morning, but don’t drink green tea early in the morning on an empty stomach. Because green tea contains caffeine, the body will excrete water. Become dehydrated Her skin is shriveled, not fresh. The brain becomes dazed Plus, green tea can also stimulate the production of stomach acid, leading to ulcers. You should eat breakfast first, followed by a cup of hot green tea is better.

As for anyone who likes to exercise  have shown that drinking green tea at least 30 minutes before exercise can help keep you refreshed. energized, and exercising longer. Therefore, it is very suitable for people who want to lose weight, lose fat, but must be pure green tea without sugar and milk.

want to drink the most tea. When should I drink it? Because drinks such as tea. If you drink it at the right time, it will cause the greatest benefits for the body as well. But if you drink too much. It may also have negative effects. And what time period is Good time for a drink And suitable for each person .