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Drinking hot tea in the morning

Tips for drinking tea and what time is most useful?

For those who like to drink tea may want to know. If you suggest to drink the tea immediately after brewing it hot immediately.  For people who like to sip tea instead of water or people with gastroenteritis should turn to sip a soft tea better than not


3 Types of fish for good diet

What are the healthy diet benefits of fish? Fish is for good healthy diet !!! In addition, fish also contain cholesterol and less saturated fat than meat as well. Especially beef, etc. Including omega-3 fatty acids help reduce brain degeneration. Which may also occur when we get

Hot tea in the morning

Foods you should never eat during an empty stomach

After waking up in the morning with empty stomach. Many people tend to find something easy to eat, such as fruit, warm drinks. But did you know that Certain foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Or after waking up in the morning.  Because it may adversely

How to be healthy vegetarian

4 techniques for being good health vegetarian During vegetarianism, choose a balanced and varied diet. To obtain important nutrients other than starch and fat. Whether it’s protein, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, or iron. In which consumers can supplement nutrients that are often overlooked in

Flavonoids, The Ultimate Antioxidant Against Disease

Health benefits Flavonoids do not just act as only antioxidants, but may also resit cancer and improve health. Anti-inflammatory Inflammation is a risk factor for many serious diseases, including heart  disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, especially chronic inflammation. This is because the inflammation that occurs in the body gradually destroys the