Lose upper arms easily by Tricep Bench Dips

Lose upper arms easily by Tricep Bench Dips. This is an upper arm exercise that focuses mainly on the triceps or dorsal muscles. This position may require a chair to exercise. But if someone doesn’t have it, they can use furniture near the table or bed, for example. Including doing it on the floor as well.

  • This pose begins by sitting on the front edge of the chair. Set your knees at right angles. Soles of feet flat on the ground and pointed forward. Then use the hand grip on the edge of the chair beside the body. with the back of the hand facing forward in the same direction as the toes pointing out.
  • when sitting Move yourself out in front of the chair. Use your palms to support your body weight and lower your body vertically. when lowered until the elbows form a right angle to exert himself in the same way
  • Repeat this same pattern 10-15 times.

while pushing up Should be exerted on the muscles of the upper arm behind only with the foot for support. In order for that muscle to exert and develop fully. In addition, you may try to push your legs forward. Endure kneeling to increase the difficulty of the posture.

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