Food supplement Is it necessary for life ?

Food supplement Is it necessary for life ? Life styles in this era Causing us to find help to build a balance. in order to keep the body healthy With various food supplements. That have now entered a role in daily life And there are also many different brands With a question that asks to wonder. Whether it is necessary to take dietary supplements. And when eaten, will it accumulate residues or not? And why are dietary supplements. It is the health care choice for people in an age where their lives are in a hurry. Today we go to find the answer together.

Food supplement Is it necessary for life

Having read a medical article published in 2002 in JAMA. ณt says that many Americans have lower blood vitamin levels than they should. This factor comes from only 20-30% of people who can eat fruits and vegetables. Which is a complete source of vitamins 5 servings per day as recommended by your doctor.

Later, the nature of food today. That are produced according to industrial processes Like canned or frozen food Coupled with the transportation takes a long time to reach consumers. The amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables is not much. And nowadays, most people prefer to eat cooked food outside the home. Causing the body to not receive enough nutrients Resulting in more deterioration to health. So dietary supplements It is a necessary alternative in those who are not getting enough nutrients. Have problems with absorption Chronic illness And in the elderly.