5 ways to take leave from work

5 ways to take leave from work. Have you ever been together when you were out from work? Even though there is real business, real pain, real illness, but still feeling guilty and afraid of being caught wrong, being suspicious, what should I do if we want to leave work without causing this feeling? Today GL combines good techniques Given, whether on sick leave, business leave, or vacation It’s all right, let’s go see it.

take leave from work

1. Truth is important

Leave does not feel guilty and does not run the risk of being arrested or suspected. It is a leave that is reasonably and as necessary, not for reasons made up, or by a lie, because “truth is truth”, as one teacher once said. And we don’t need to worry about anything if we’re telling the truth.

2. Consider your own rights

Do not hesitate to ask for vacation if you are sick and unable to go to work. Because it is not a good result if you are sick and still carry your body to work. Then the work that comes out to pressure is ineffective And the more that leave, we exercise the right as required by the company and labor law. Didn’t have to worry about anything

3. Leave business, have to choose a suitable day

Taking leave by choosing Monday or Friday may not be very effective. In addition to being found guilty of leaving for a trip, he also had to come back to meet with the rest of the work. It is better to choose midweek leave or leave on days when there is no convention.

4. On vacation, notify in advance and quickly clear the job.

It is said that vacation must be quite a long leave, so we should make it clear in advance and clear up all the tasks and responsibilities that we are responsible for. Doing this in addition to not pushing the burden on other people. We also don’t have to take the rest of the time to work out. And there was no one calling to follow the work to make them feel bothered

5. Be careful posting on social media.

Posting a check-in on vacation is still understandable. But if you are sick or take leave and post that you go to a cafe Going to a shopping mall like this is quite dangerous. Would it be better if I got sick and posted that Come to this hospital for treatment What is the latest symptom now? Or where have you been doing errands