Bad behaviors that make you look older than you are

Bad behaviors that make you look older than you are. Although aging is something that many people hate and want to avoid as far as possible. Especially with you girls But there are many who have become quicker than they should be.

Whether to behave what or what kind.That will cause your face to be too old, so that you can better avoid it before it’s too late.

1. Sleep late regularly.

Which girl is a party girl? Socialize often on a regular basis. This is a very easy cause of premature aging of the face as it obscures the time of rest. Which is the time when facial skin cells are restored If you rest too little, your face will deteriorate.

2. Drink a lot of alcohol.

look older than you are

It usually comes with the first one. Liquor, beer, wine,ufabet ,Alcoholic beverages are dangerous for the skin, as they cause the body to lose water and nasty. That will be the cause of wrinkles.

3. Food that is not hygienic.

With various conditions, which may be a limitation in finding food or it is a personal preference Foods that are full of oil, excess sugar, are all reasons that cause the skin to age prematurely.

Because it will cause the insulin in the body to change Including sugar is the cause that inhibits antioxidants. Makes collagen in the skin cells under the skin lacks flexibility.

Causing various wrinkles on the face to follow easily It will also have the effect of easy weight gain. People who are fat, it will make them look older and older than they really are.

4. I like to smoke

Although there have been numerous campaigns against smoking, one must admit that there are still quite a few who still enjoy smoking. I did not realize that cigarette smoke would not only seriously damage the health of the body. It also makes facial skin cells deteriorate rapidly as well.

5. Lack of fit in exercise

Some people do not like exercising, and they are prone to obesity. Skin cells deteriorate quickly Internal organs do not function fully, it will affect the strength and elasticity of the skin cells.

But in another case, it is someone who likes to exercise excessively. Several hours a day If this is the case, it will wear out very quickly as well, so exercise should be done in moderation as well as being as accurate as possible.