The secrets to beautiful looking

The secrets to beautiful looking without makeup, showing a naturally beautiful face.When talking about how to make your face stand out in the day immediately Would inevitably escape the ufabet of cosmetics to hide wrinkles and dullness And enhances your face to look more beautiful instantly

But using heavy cosmetics On the surface for a long time It may be adversely affecting your skin. It can cause acne and wrinkles more easily.

Today we have some tips that will help your skin look naturally bright without having to rely on cosmetics to leave. What do I need to do? Let’s go follow

1.Use sunscreen Instead of foundation

If necessary, make up is required to hide wrinkles and brighten the face. Try changing from a thick foundation.
Come as a sunscreen mixed with a good lightweight sunscreen, it would be good.

Because in addition to your face resting and repairing itself from being waved with thick cream, some sunscreens nowadays have the same properties as foundations, which can be used interchangeably. Which comes with a lightness and used nourishment that is more effective on the skin

2. Be beautiful with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important substance that helps to build collagen and elastin. Helps to repair sagging skin to be firm. Can brighten up again

So if you are looking for good nourishing food That will help make the skin clear up naturally Recommended to turn to eating foods that provide adequate vitamin C. Citrus fruits that are high sources of vitamin C. Or if there is no time Will find vitamin C supplements to eat and nourish, it can help as well.

3. Avoid directly touching the skin with your hands.

The main reason that facial skin is acne and premature aging. Much of this comes from the familiarity of using hands in regular direct contact with the skin.
If you really need to touch your face with your hands It should be touched with a gentle, gentle touch and your hands must be cleaned first.

To prevent the dirt attached to the hands to stain the skin of the face and acne itself. That’s it, your face will be clear, acne-free, and away from other skin problems.

4. Use a toner that does not contain alcohol.

Using toner to clean the skin Many people would think that for the best cleaning results, Choosing a toner that contains alcohol may be a good solution, but it’s actually a direct cause of adverse effects.

Because alcohol will make the skin dry and tighten even more It is best to use an alcohol-free toner to reduce irritation problems. Because when the surface is even more dry Oil nourishes the skin, it will produce more. As a result, it can clog pores and cause acne.

5. Scrub your face 1-2 times a week.

To scrub your face is another important help to keep the skin smooth. Because of the scrub each time the skin Old skin cells that have worn off will be removed from the skin layers as well.

Including the dirt that is embedded on the surface will be removed as well. Causing the creation of new skin cells to replace old skin cells

But should keep doing it 1-2 times a week with a scrub that is gentle on the skin Just as this will make your skin white and clear until you can touch.