Can food stimulate the acne?

Can food stimulate the acne? Many people have probably heard that eating certain foods can cause acne. This belief has been debated whether foods actually cause acne, however recent studies have found that certain foods may be the key contributors to acne. Which will have what food You can learn from the following information .

How is food related to acne ?

Although the main cause of acne is because the body produces too much oil on the skin layers. The dead skin cells in the pores are clogged. Bacterial infection Or changes in hormones in the body But eating certain foods can be a factor that causes acne. By causing the blood sugar level to rise rapidly Resulting in the body secrete the hormone insulin Excessive blood levels of hormones can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil and increase the risk of acne as well.

What foods can cause acne?


While some foods, especially those that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, omega-3s, and zinc, they help prevent inflammation. Reduce the chance of new acne. And helps keep the skin healthy But some foods can also trigger acne. By those who are facing acne problems or have sensitive skin The following foods should be avoided.

Foods with a high Glycemic Index, such as white bread,  pasta, potatoes, chocolate, sugary drinks and snacks, etc., recent research has found that diets high in the Glycemic Index may trigger acne. This will cause the body to produce large amounts of the hormone insulin. Increased insulin levels can lead to a chain reaction involved in acne breakouts. And it can lead to sudden exhaustion (Insulin Crash) that results in tiredness and wrinkled skin as well.

Junk food  Eating junk foods like burgers, nuggets, french fries, and milkshakes can increase your risk of developing acne. One study looked at the eating habits of more than 5,000 Chinese adolescents and adults, found that those who ate a high-fat diet were 43 percent more likely to develop acne, and those who ate junk food regularly were 17 percent at risk of acne. The relationship between acne and junk food eating is unclear. But some researchers speculate that eating junk food can affect gene expression and levels of hormones involved in acne.  

Foods containing omega-6 fatty acids Eating a Western diet can increase the risk of acne and inflammation. This is because these foods often contain corn and soybean oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids, while few foods contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese, for example, may contain hormones , growth hormones, and some steroids. In addition, protein powders containing whey and casein can also cause acne, so people with acne problems should not consume too much of this product. You may take a calcium supplement. Or calcium-rich foods like orange juice, cereal, tofu, and soy milk. To provide the body with the right amount of calcium each day.

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