Can we wash our hands with Regular soap to prevent COVID-19.

Is it necessary to use antibacterial soap to prevent COVID-19?

Before going to look for the answer to this question. Let’s get to know the ingredients and functions of soap first. Soap is a product used to clean. Regular soaps usually contain detergents and surfactants, which help cleanse the skin’s impurities. Such as germs and dirt from the skin But these substances do not have an antiseptic effect. It only makes the germs come off the skin.

Antibacterial soaps contain antiseptic agents mixed with cleaning agents and surfactants. 

Examples of disinfectant soap may be found in this category as alcohol, iodine, tri San Cole (Triclosan) chlor Hague City Dean ( Chlorhexidine )  and Hector Javier chloro phenol. (Hexachlorophene), a substance used to kill germs especially. When washing soap that contains these substances, it may help kill germs on the skin before these germs can escape from the skin through a rinse.


At this point, many people might think that germicidal soap would be more effective in preventing disease. Because it can kill germs But current experiments and scientific evidence cannot confirm that antibacterial soap is more protective than conventional soaps. 

Experts also suggest that using antiseptic soap can also cause unnecessary exposure to chemicals through the skin.

In addition, germs like triclosan may make some bacteria resistant to antibiotics when used over time. Long time And this substance also has a negative effect on the environment as well.

From the above questions, it might be enough to say that Normal soap cannot kill germs. But can prevent disease as well as antibacterial soap formula And using antibacterial soap may be more prone to problems. To make sure that those germs have been removed from the skin.

Hand washing and hand care tips during COVID-19 outbreak

During the epidemic Everyone needs to wash their hands more often. But no matter which one you use, you risk drying your hands and that can lead to other skin problems as well.Here are a few tips that can help prevent germs and reduce the side effects of hand washing.

Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds each time.

washing hands with soap

Every part of the hand should be washed, from the fingers, between the fingers, the palm of the hand, the back of the hand, the nook and the wrist.

Always wash your hands before entering the home or office. Before cooking and eating Before touching the body, such as scratching, touching the face or wearing contact lenses.

Always wash your hands after going to the toilet. 

Play with pets Blow your nose or cough, sneeze, throw garbage, touch the patient, touch the wound, touch public objects like handrails, doorknobs and food menus.

Can I wash my hands with regular soap to prevent COVID-19? It was a question I couldn’t help but wonder when I saw it sold in stores. There are both regular and antibacterial or germicidal soap. But many people tend to choose to buy germicidal product instead of conventional soap. To ensure and feel safe during the epidemic. But in reality It is necessary to use germicidal soap during the COVID-19 epidemic.