5 vitamins to speed up the fat burning system

Fat loss is more difficult and it may take longer than losing weight if we lack of some important vitamins.

That is because all 8 types of B vitamins will stimulate the body. Use more energy from carbohydrates.Therefore, we should be eating a supplement containing 8 types of B vitamins or vitamin B12 supplements.

In general, our bodies are able to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight.But if exposed to the sun for aIn addition, a 2011 study also found that the group was overweight. Those who took calcium and vitamin D supplementsSo if the body is lacking iron. We may feel exhausted. Rarely exercise And will be at risk of anemia. The researchers also found that If our body lacks magnesium Muscles may lack flexibility. 

5 vitamins to speed up the fat burning system

 These nutrients Contributes to stimulating fat burning And may also reduce the accumulation of fat in your body.In addition, eating green tea supplements. May help improve skin health as well.

Because many studies have found Green tea extract supplements Can help solve popular skin problems.

For example, redness, acne, dry skin from the sun. And also increase the flexibility of the skin Makes it look younger as well.

Most concentrated green tea supplements It is sold in capsule, liquid and powder form, friends may choose to see which one we like. And suit us the best.

I recommend reading the label every time. Because the amount of green tea extract that should be eaten per day It is at 250-500 milligrams per day and should be taken with food only.

The research also found that Magnesium helps us to fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply. This will have a beneficial effect on reducing more fat.

If the body gets too little magnesium from food We gradually add magnesium supplements.

For magnesium supplements We should read the label on the box carefully. Because eating more than the recommended amount May cause diarrhea.

If anyone has a health problem as the original capital Should consult a doctor first every time.

5 vitamins to stimulate the metabolism

5 vitamins to speed up the metabolism.

5. Green Tea Extract

Concentrated green tea is one of the best supplements that help speed up the metabolism.

That’s because green tea contains a flavonoid called “catechin” and caffeine.We generally get just the right amount of iron. If we focus on eating foods that are high in iron already.

For example Lean meats, shrimp, legumes and spinach, etc.

The point is, our bodies absorb more iron from meats such as liver, fish and chicken than plant-derived iron.

That our bodies get iron from food we eat. And more supplements It may even make us constipated.

The solution is that we should focus on eating foods that are high in fiber, especially tomatoes, brown rice and spinach.

Eating fruits that are high in vitamin C, such as strawberries and apples, etc.

In the end, which friends are bleeding a lot? During menstruation Or donate blood regularly Always consult your doctor for iron supplements. It’s good to add.

4. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential part of more than 300 enzyme systems.

All enzymes Is very important To use and burn the body’s energy

Especially for maintaining blood sugar levels Normalization of blood pressure levels Healthy bones And good brain function, etc.for 16 weeks were able to lose more belly fat than the other group who didn’t take the supplement .

Of course, besides vitamin D supplements. We should focus on foods that are high in vitamin D along with. For example, tuna, salmon, and foods rich in vitamin D like milk and yogurt.


Iron is one of the minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Because it helps to convert food into energy for the body

And most importantly, iron is a carrier of nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body. Including muscle mass.

Which iron is the right amount. Will have a positive effect on the extraction of fat to be used for more energy and reduce the accumulation of extra fat in the body. The next problem is that most foods we eat contain very little vitamin D. So you should take vitamin D supplements along with your meals.

In particular, foods supplement vitamin D3, because researchers have found that also body will absorb it best enough.The researchers also found that If the body lacks vitamin D We may be at increased risk of stress.

It may also have a direct effect on exercise. And eating food to reduce fat Because we may be discouraged without knowing it.

The study also found that People who are overweight or have a lot of body fat. It will also have low vitamin D levels as well.

Because vitamin B12 is very important in the metabolism of food. Comes as glucose Or the body’s main energy source.

The researchers also found that If our body lacks vitamin B12, we will feel tired easily. And weary all the time.

Which may result in us not wanting to exercise And don’t want to eat healthy food.

2. Vitamin D

When it comes to vitamin D We may be thinking of bone health. And a stronger immune system. But actually vitamin D It plays an important role in the functioning of the metabolic system as well.

For example, vitamin B1 or Thiamine will stimulate the cells in the body. Burn carbohydrates to be used for more energy, etc.

Therefore, our body has too little vitamin B complex. Metabolic system may slow down. Those calories from food It will be stored as body fat.

B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins. That means Our body will not store B vitamins. And must be obtained from food every day.

So I want to recommend it to my friends. Start eating foods that are closer to nature that are high in B vitamins. Especially Legumes Whole grain products, all kinds of dairy products.

Eggs, sweet potatoes and bananas, etc.For who are primarily herbivorous. The thing to be aware of is that vitamin B12 is not present in plants.

Weight training exercises Focused on building muscle mass To maintain and increase the body’s metabolic rate.

And it’s complemented by cardio exercises to keep your lungs, heart, and circulation working better. 

In addition to reducing fat, we will practice conscious eating. And modifying the new Mindset.

In order to be able to have a dream puppet for the long term. Without getting fat again.

Friends will see that for us to have the dream body. To feel proud of yourself We should start to lose fat properly.

Let’s continue to see that If you want to accelerate the burning of fat faster To increase morale for further fat loss We should focus on eating vitamins.

1. Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex or Vitamin B Complex, especiallyPyridoxine or vitamin B6 ,Folate or Vitamin B9 , And Cobalamin or Vitamin B12.

They are very important in the work of the metabolic system.

want to say It’s very easy to lose weight. Because we just eat a little Do not exercise Weight will be reduced.

But the disadvantage that your friends are likely to be familiar with, it may happen. For example Metabolic system breakdown Risk of yo-yo, hair loss and menstruation, etc.