Diet pills and 10 things you should know about it.

Many girls choose shor ways to lose weight. By choosing to use diet pills . Its such a bad solution and there are also many drugs to reduce obesity. In addition to being obese. Will also receive many complications.

For girls who having a good lifestyle is very importantfor healthy, is it right? But there are many girls who choose to take short way to lose weight.  It is a risk for people who are thinking of taking it and been taken it in terms of weight gain. Having excess fat or “being fat” if you don’t lose weight since you realized it. It will make your diet is more difficult. Obesity is a chronic disease that cannot be cured within 3 days and 7 days.

Obesity Chronic can cause a variety of complications from fat or sugar, resulting in a decrease in the performance of the circulatory system until. Causing complications are following Like diabetes Atherosclerosis, blood pressure, high cholesterol. Hyperlipidemia Gallstones to bile Respiratory disease Cardiovascular disease.

1. Penalty from diet pills Stimulate the heartbeat.

The penalty is when the stomach malfunctions. Thus causing various working systems in the body to fluctuate. The blood that nourishes various parts of the body may not work properly. Causing the heart to work excessively, which can significantly worsen the health of the body. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the news that people who took diet pills and died.

2. Increase the pressure in the blood stream.

It cause abnormal blood pressure. Because the blood is not pumped enough for the body’s use. This is a result of taking diet pills and starving. Fasting also causes the body to lack nutrients, lack energy when the body has no energy. But uses more energy than usual Therefore greatly worsening health 

3. Constipation due to fasting from the effects of anti-obesity drugs. 

Blame the diet pills After taking diet it cause fasting. The body will not work fully. Because there are no nutrients, minerals to nourish health, so there will be no dietary fiber to aid excretion. It makes constipation difficult to pass, abdominal pain and more stress. Also may be thinning but his physical health was 100 percent worse.

4. Insomnia depress the nerves

Anti obesity drugs will sedate the nerves. Causing the central nervous system to order fasting It has side effects because the body is not getting the nutrients. it deserves, such as dry skin, dry mouth, dry throat, nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Depression can lead to hallucinations and addiction over time, which can lead to severe complications. Together with not receiving nutrients can cause death.

5. Anxiety: This is caused by too much addiction to diet pills.

The harm of diet pills can cause stress, anxiety, think more than usual, and stress can make you feel bad. And complications of other diseases, such as room pain, headache, or even severe to hurt yourself. And cause some resistance to drugs Eating diet pills have a lot of negative effects. Because it makes the body lack of nutrients.

6. Make a stuffy nose

stuffy nose, rhinitis Often caused by a cold The blood vessels in the nasal mucosa expand. May cause more vascular cell spaces Causing the lining of the nose to swell And unusually large May be caused by the cause of the diet pills. Because of the nervous system And the blood system malfunctions.

7. Addiction.

Addicted to diet pills When it does not work, you will change to other one indefinitely, causing drug addiction. Because diet pills contain sedatives Causing the nervous system to malfunction. When the food can be made, it will not eat. To make it thinner But will also cause yo-yo symptoms to follow Because the body fat is not metabolized.

Do and Dont for diet heathy

8. Drug resistance can be a result of obesity drugs.

Drug resistance, weight loss Drug resistance is a penalty of anti-obesity drugs. Because when taking diet pills and it does not work I have to change indefinitely or may need to increase the dosage of diet pills Negatively affect health.Because the nervous system is regulated to malfunction And may have side effects on other nervous systems.  

9.Press appetite

 The use of diet pills may only be effective in the early stages. But after that, you will definitely know the harm of it. Because when the central nervous system is pressed Various working systems within the body will work malfunctions as well. The more you do not get nutrients, minerals, vitamins that are useful to nourish your body for a long time, will make your body health. And mental health deteriorates Or could cause death. 

10. Diet pills cause death.

Diet pills are keeping us fast. When we were fasting for a long time, together with the pressure on the central castle, it malfunctions. Circulatory system Not enough to nourish the heart, brain or other parts of the body Causing the body to work harder and cause shock And eventually died.

Using diet pills is the wrong way . If not choosing a weight loss supplement Or a good weight loss product. There is a standard through the FDA because the diet pills are not quality Will press on our nervous system not to make us want food. When the body does not receive nutrients, minerals, vitamins to nourish various systems will cause the body to lack nutrients until the health deteriorates because there is no nutrients to benefit the body. May be thinning But will also cause yo-yo symptoms to follow.

Because body fat is not metabolized, nutrients, minerals, vitamins are not taken, diet pills are also harmful to the digestive system. Because the stomach works on an empty stomach When you take diet pills, you will be addicted and can cause death because the diet pills stimulate the nervous system. Circulatory system and heart system to work harder than normal.